A complete ecosystem
Innovation within the Industry

at the service of all industry sectors. bringing a new revenue model, based on existing technology within the industries, cherry picking the best of the insight innovation towards a differentiate market based on technology sales and not product sales

We live in the innovation era! New technologies and market are constantly transforming the world. Industries are facing a real challenge, especially on 2020 where production and consumer goods are suffering the Covid situation, Industries are all concentrated on their core business and products, forgetting that they own incredible innovation and technology and not concentrating on a new business models in which their technology can become a new selling proposition and new revenue stream.

The Challenge of Innovation within Industry

Industries are facing a new challenge.
Now & more than ever, industries needs are to find new revenue model stream.
Many industries invested significant resources in innovation and entrepreneurial effort and they are owner of patents that they use to be more competitive in their own market. However, is a new opportunity :

To address these challenge of technology, patent, innovation within the industry need access to a powerful global innovation ecosystem to accelerate their pathways, develop a new business models into the market.

For us, the technology market and worldwide level is part of our activities since 20 years, starting from our Technology Observatory in Tel Aviv and evolving to the Inlighter Tech Hunters within industries:

Our Mission

Connect three different worlds “Industry, Innovation and Finance” and how to track, manage and integrate existing innovation from the Industry at the service of a global technology needs and market. How to adapt an innovation in new market sectors

?Why The Inlighter Tech Hunters

The Inlighter Tech Hunters is an innovation services company with a  mission to empower Industries from their own Innovation, towards new market and creating new market, from product to technology. Bringing innovation as; advanced materials, software’s, machinery and solutions from different sectors to create added value to existent product or create new ones with a very strong technological convergence culture.   From the beating heart of Israel, also known as “The Innovation Nation”, the Tech Hunters has beed funded by Inlight Technology Obervatory, a world-class international network, diverse innovation assets,  extensive experience matching and integrating industries and technologies. A  globally recognized innovation brand and a proven model to help  organizations manage their innovation evolution.

Innovation Services: Transforming industry from product base to technology driven Innovation

Scaling corporate innovation in new market

The Tech Hunters market development and integration

• Innovation Project Management Tools
• Innovation Project Collaboration Spaced and Tools
• Market development
• Exit strategy

Scouting technologies within the enterprises

Innovation internal Enterprises Scouting Programs

• Identification
• Research
Evaluation of emerging technologies
• Digital business models

Connecting global corporations to the insights and technologies markets

Breakthrough Innovation Assessment

• New Materials
• New Coatings
• New Connectivity
• New Security
• New Financial Instruments
• New Markets

A Unique Technology Search Model within Enterprises

The First Global Innovation from Industrial and Services Companies

Transforming the Industry into a new Innovation Ecosystem

Visionary Entrepreneurs



Community & International Business Culture

Supported by Israel Innovation Ecosystem



The Inlighter Tech Hunters: founded in 2020, specialized as a multi-sector and international technology scouting inside Industries and Services companies, developing market and exit strategy from the Founder of Inligth Technological Observatory, integration of talents and innovations, and M & A. The sectors of reference: Automotive, Medical, Telco, Security and Cyber Security Energy and Renewable Energy, Fashion, Food, Advertising and Digital Media. Reference countries Israel, Europe, USA China. Based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

CEO & Founder: Roberta Anati